[Coco] calling all MM/1 owners

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Wed Jan 23 22:07:42 EST 2008

Bob Devries wrote:
> Joel,
> I'm booting directly from the hard drive. I'm not sure if booting from
> floppy shows the same problems, and once the MM/1 has been running for
> a while, it never misbehaves again.
It might be worth a try to boot from a floppy and see if you still get
the hang-up.  You mentioned elsewhere that you have tried holding the
reset button down in an attempt to give the hard drive some time to get
ready.  But does holding the reset button maybe also keep the hard drive
in a reset state so that when you release the button it still takes the
same amount of time to become ready?
> I have the expansion with the two SIMM sockets. I never expanded the
> ram beyond the 3MB, although I do have the instructions on doing that.
> What were the problems with the newer(?) expansion boards?
The SCSI interface didn't work.  At least I couldn't get it to work, and
Ray Patterson, the rework technician couldn't get it to work.  The
suspicion was timing issues related to a GAL that was used to select the
SCSI controller, among other things.  I think Ray maybe got one or two
of them to work eventually, with help from Kevin Pease, but it was quite
late in the game.

The I/O board I'm using is probably the same as yours, but I have my RAM
on a Version 3 backplane/memory board instead of on the I/O board. 
(Makes me wonder if I could stick a couple more 1M SIMMs on the I/O
board and have 10M (+1M).)

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