[Coco] calling all MM/1 owners

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Wed Jan 23 21:39:44 EST 2008

Bob Devries wrote:
> I have a small problem with my MM/1, and I'm wondering if there was
> ever a fix for it?
> When I power it up, the computer goes through its procedure to try to
> boot from the floppy, and then from the SCSI hard disc. It *always*
> locks up the SCSI bus at that point, and pressing reset does not
> unlock it. I need to cycle the power to unlock it. It then usually
> fires up correctly, but not always.
Are you booting directly from the hard drive, or booting with a floppy
like on a CoCo?  I do the latter on my MM/1 and don't have any
problems.  I seem to recall having problems booting from the hard drive
when I first tried it years ago, so I've always used the floppy.  Maybe
I have the same problem you have and just don't realize it.

What happens if you boot from a floppy disk.  Can you then access the HD
normally?  (presuming you have all the proper drivers and device
descriptors on your boot floppy of course...)
> My MM/1 is a 3MB with the expansion board. It has a 170MB Quantum SCSI
> drive. The drive itself initialises properly (at least, it makes all
> the right noises).
Is your expansion board the one with the SIMM sockets on it, or the
revision 3 board that puts the RAM on the backplane?  Probably the
former because I don't think many of the latter got into circulation.  I
probably have most of them as bare boards that never sold because the
SCSI interface had major problems.

> Comments anyone?
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