[Coco] Virtual Memory in OS-9

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 22:47:47 EST 2008

Willard said:
> My personal opinion is that the
> guy accidently uploaded the MS-DOS source he started with, not the
> finished port. :-(

The source code of curses.c contains the following:

* CURSES.C: Copyright (c) 1987, Allen I. Holub. *
* All rights reserved. *
* *
* Adapted for OS9 from an article in DDJ 7/87. *
* R. Waggoner *
* *

If someone knows the whereabouts of Mr. Waggoner, maybe we can consult him?

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> On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 02:59:27PM -0500, William Schaub wrote:
>>if the operating system has calls for allocating more memory to a
>>process, or if everything has to have memory allocated statically.
> No, you can brk() for more memory.  If that's not suffiencent, there
> are ways to manually allocate more memory blocks, but then switching
> between them becomes your problem.
>> Also I really want to know if it's possible to execute programs that use
>> more memory than is physically installed by paging to mass storage of
>> some sort.
> The Pascal compiler has a swapping p-code interpeter, otherwise, nope.
>> It would be very nice if something similar to the UNIX mmap() system
>> call is available.
> Nope.
>> I saw a lot of unix tool ports on the rtsi archive so it cant be too
>> bad.  But I'm wondering if theres a way to make curses apps run on OS-9
> The curses library on rtsi is source-only and no one (that I know of)
> has been able to get it to compile.  My personal opinion is that the
> guy accidently uploaded the MS-DOS source he started with, not the
> finished port. :-(
>> does the OS-9 console emulate any particular type of terminal? (one that
>> implements escapes for character attributes, cursor movement and such)
> Yep.  Even the graphics can be completely controlled by
> escape-sequences.  That's how the cgfx library (docs are in the
> multivue manual) works.
> Willard
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