[Coco] Behold... Jewels progress...

George Ramsower georgeramsower at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 22:05:11 EST 2008

From: "Roger Taylor"
> Thanks to P-3, LOADM, the GIME, and the Rainbow IDE, here is 3 partial 
> days of work on my new game called Jeweled.
> http://www.coco3.com/img/jeweledtest.jpg
> A single .bin file contains everything.  Next, a cool MP3 jam will be 
> converted down to raw samples, compressed down, and optionally played like 
> the real Bejeweled game.

This could be fun. I liked Bejeweled on a PC and it did pass some time 
during quiet times at work. I sure the coco could do much the same thing.

A Coco game that was one of my favorites was Popcorn! Believe it or not. I 
loved the way it worked. It adapted to my ability and the joystick operation 
was very elegant.

It amazed me how the joystick would handled precision movements and rapid 
movements would get the paddle across the screen. I'm sure there was a LOT 
of math involve in this trick. It was like a high resolution joystick, but 
without the HiRes.

Really trick and I had wished this was used in other games. Who did that 


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