[Coco] Another game porting idea: Street Rod and Street Rod 2

Dave R in Illinois lazyhand at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 14 15:47:06 EST 2008

Just in case no one knows the game - 



More in depth view of the first game. I am mostly interested in part I
anyways! :-)



The first was available on Atari ST (M68000) as well as C64 (M6510), and I
think the Amiga as well. It ran in 320x200 Mode / 4 to 16 colors. Supported
keyboards AND joysticks as well as cga video hardware. If I remember
correctly it also supported the tandy 1000 sound hardware, as well as fit on
a single 160kb diskette!



Subject: [Coco] Another game porting idea: Street Rod and Street Rod 2


One of the very few games I played with for hours upon hours was Street Rod.
It even had support for the tandy 1000! I have no clue where to even start
finding the source code, but I believe with a little work, the author could
be found. This imho would be the ultimate game for CC's. :D



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