[Coco] Copying a data/binary file from disk to cassette

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jan 4 00:26:02 EST 2008

tim lindner wrote:

> tim lindner <tlindner at macmess.org> wrote:
>>>So, what's the best route?  I feel like I'm missing something 
>>>obvious, so forgive me if I'm being slow here...
>>Unless someone already has a program to do this for data files, I'll
>>take a crack it.
> BASIC's disk and cassette I/O commands seems to be very textual
> orientated. Reading arbituary (binary) files with them is inconsistant.
> It'll have to be done at a lower level.
> I sure hope someone has written this already.
> Phil, I suggest you follow Jean-Paul Samson's advice and get DriveWire.
> :)

About your only option using Basic would be CSAVEM which will dump data 
to cassette without making any changes. So, the disk data file will need 
to be opened and stored into known memory. Let's say for example, you 
POKE the data into memory starting at $3000 and continue to the end of 
the file. Then you CSAVEM"name",&H3000,&H3000+length,0. To use the data, 
you would CLOADM"name" and process the data stored at $3000.

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