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That's not a Color Computer, that's a Z-80 based Model One (though it wasn't called the Mod 1 when I first got involved, until the Model 2 arrived in July '79, it was just the TRS-80).

Yes, there is one in my basement next to at least one of every significant version of Color Computer except the MC-10 (didn't take it serious then, don't take it serious now) and a Mod 2 and a T6k (plus a few Mod 100 notebooks).  (They all work, except the T6kHD is giving me HD errors lately, and I gotta fix that and really hope it's the HD that I can replace and nut the controller which I can't replace and am not competent to fix).

Yeah, I seem to acquire old Radio Shack machines.  (Several came from the curb).  They're what I grew up with back when I was fresh out of the USAF (and then spent a few years doing teaching and tech support at various RSCCs in the southwest).  While Xenix was my specialty, I assembled the first multi-user OS-9 system in Los Angeles using OS-9 Level One with a 64k Coco, a 16k Coco with Vidtex, one floppy drive and a hand-spliced DIN null-modem cable.  (I read the OS-9 manual.  Some of the commands implied multi-user capability.  I tried it.  It worked.  Not real fast, and typing on the terminal while the main machine was reading the floppy tended to drop characters, but it worked.  As I recall, prices on sale the week I built the setup, was (assuming you already owned two TV sets, generally a safe bet in 1983) was $1,000.87 including California+Los Angeles sales tax.  A fraction of the cost of a Xenix system.

If anybody has a T2k laying around, that will complete my collection.  Yes, I used to have one, but like Poor Richard said "three removes equal one fire" and I've moved more than three times.
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