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> Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 14:43:09 -0500
> From: Ghislain Harvey <ghislainharvey at videotron.ca>
> Subject: [Coco] VCC 1.17 FD question and The Defeater request
> To: coco at maltedmedia.com
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> Hi great community.
> I use the VCC 1.17 emulator and came across a problem you might help 
> me
> solve.
> On my real COCO3 I have 2 FDD and I was able to access it by a DIR0 
> (first
> side from drive 1) and a DIR2 (second side from drive1)
> Now in VCC 1.17 this doesn't work. DIR2 give me access to drive 2.
> IS there a way to disable the other drive or maybe there is a DIR 
> command
> switch I do not know?
> My Other question is about the B.A.S.H copy protection. I'm trying 
> to dump
> it on the PC but was not able to do it event with the program: The 
> Defeater.
> Is there a way to do this? Or is there maybe a new version of The 
> Defeater
> By Carl England.  I think my version is not the latest.
> Thanks to all who wish to help me.
> Ghislain Harvey
> ------------------------------

the back sides of emulated disks can be read on the emulator (i am using
david kiel's emulator).  i use Super Boot (my own program which nis in
the public domain and should be available from several sources).  it sets
drive 2 as the back side of drive 0 and drive 3 as the back side of drive
1.  i don't think it works on the "real" floppy drive on the pc, but it
works well on the emulated drives.  also it allows you to set your
emulator drives as 80-track drives.  one neat thing about the emulator is
that you can set it to run at maximum speed (press f6 until ???? is
displayed), and unlike the real coco, the drives will still function
(even the "real" drive).  i have had "real" disks that had problems
reading at normal speed, but read flawlessly at maximum speed.

there have been a few new features added to The Defeater since 1995, but
if you have the version that allows you to save a track or sector to a
file (for later transfer to the pc) then you have the latest version.  i
don't feel that there is much more that can be done to the defeater
without a total re-write (which is what i did when i wrote "backup

i am not familiar with B.A.S.H. but would am willing to answer questions
if i have more details.

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