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Willard Goosey goosey at virgo.sdc.org
Fri Feb 29 03:52:13 EST 2008

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 12:34:48AM -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:

>Keep us posted please Willard.  I have an old copy it someplace in
>that image of my old maxtor that's currently sitting in /dd/maxtor of
>the 1GB scsi drive

Well, I did hack on it a little last night, but just to get all the
details out of the way first:

The two computers in question are a 512K CoCo3, MPI (AFAIK does not
have strapped *CART), deluxe rs-232, 6809, NitrOS LII 3.2.6; and a
PS/2 model 70, 386-20, Slackware 7.0 (kernel 2.2.13, sliplogin 2.x)

Terminal emulation on the CoCo to the linux box works fine.  Under
OS-9, YMODEM is as solid as a rock at 9600, ZMODEM has to drop down to
4800 to be successful.

Linux has all the proper networking goodies compiled in, it speaks
tcp/ip over ethernet just fine. The kernel-level slip driver is
compiled in.

For a "dialer" under OS-9 I'm using a small terminal-emulator called
"terminal", from Rainbow.  I use it because it doesn't try to hang up
the line when it exits.  I can use terminal as a regular
terminal-emulator to log into the Linux box.  Since it doesn't alter
the device descriptor (baud rate, etc) I'm pretty sure I have the
regular serial configured correctly.

So, I log in with terminal, sliplogin starts, I exit terminal and
start "net".

As a good first test, net (the ka9q binary) can indeed telnet to
itself and ftp to itself.  It is, however, very very slow.  

There is currently a problem on the linux side:  I get a weird error
in the syslog from the slip.login script.  I didn't chase down the
exact command last night.

So, from net, I try to telnet or ftp the linux box.  It doesn't really
work, but some packets obviously get through.

Using net.trace (the version of the executable with the
debugging commands, but no ftp) shows that nearly 50% of the ip
packets have checksum errors.  And some of the packets (presumably
from the ones that made it through the IP layer error-free) have
checksum errors at the TCP level!

Oddly enough, ifconfig on the linux side shows no errors, but a
smaller number of packets transmitted & received.  Hummm.

I make no claims of being SLIP Master X, but my memory is saying
something about there being two different checksum algorithms?  Or am
I thinking of XMODEM?

Anyway, tonight I'm going to start by debugging slip.login.  

Willard Goosey  goosey at sdc.org
Socorro, New Mexico, USA
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