[Coco] The 25 Pound TRS-80 MC-10

Derek dml_68 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 10:12:19 EST 2008

I usually have good service from the local goodwill outlets here. The E-Manager on the 25 pound MC-10 replied back and tried to tell me it was at the 25 pound rate because of the dimensions. I replied back that it was clear he was making this up as he went along and that he had never taken the 60 seconds it would have taken to go look at this item. After that the listing changed to 10 pounds.

They also have a Commodore 64 on the bidding site there for $100...Think they guess a lot.

Erik Ames <eternyl_bliss at yahoo.com> wrote: Must of received enough complaints!


I remember bidding on the NES robot on their site:

Says its 9 pounds but the shipping was $22! I bid on an Atari with 20+ games and shipping was $9 - Something was wrong there.
Although they packaged the robot and accessories up like it was going to the moon. They probably used $8 worth of bubble wrap! It came in a huge box and it was 1/4 the size of the box.

I collect old video game items I still think they have friends/employees bid up on the items. I just don't think someone would bid $100's on a Nintendo with 15-20 games that are completely untested and dirty. 

Their stores only cater to the upperclass too. I seen a Sega Genesis for $60 and they did have a CoCo in original box and it was $40.  200-400mhz PC's (I am guessing - since they didn't even have CD-Burners - $150 each. And if its electronic and isn't priced? They refuse to sell it to you! (same with local Salvation Army - they refused to sell me items on 3 different occasions).


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