[Coco] The 25 Pound TRS-80 MC-10

Erik Ames eternyl_bliss at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 01:12:55 EST 2008

Must of received enough complaints!


I remember bidding on the NES robot on their site:

Says its 9 pounds but the shipping was $22! I bid on an Atari with 20+ games and shipping was $9 - Something was wrong there.
Although they packaged the robot and accessories up like it was going to the moon. They probably used $8 worth of bubble wrap! It came in a huge box and it was 1/4 the size of the box.

I collect old video game items I still think they have friends/employees bid up on the items. I just don't think someone would bid $100's on a Nintendo with 15-20 games that are completely untested and dirty. 

Their stores only cater to the upperclass too. I seen a Sega Genesis for $60 and they did have a CoCo in original box and it was $40.  200-400mhz PC's (I am guessing - since they didn't even have CD-Burners - $150 each. And if its electronic and isn't priced? They refuse to sell it to you! (same with local Salvation Army - they refused to sell me items on 3 different occasions).


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