[Coco] Marty is getting rid of his CoCo stuff

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Wed Feb 27 10:11:54 EST 2008


This is sad to hear - hopefully among us we can get it all.

I wish he was located closer to LA than SF - I would personally pick it 
all up myself (well, if I could convince my wife, that is). I don't have 
the time or a reliable enough vehicle to get to SF.

If Marty has the time, a list of what is available would be helpful. 
More than the hardware is concerned, what software, specifically stuff 
he developed, etc - for Rainbow and otherwise - is more important. There 
might even be some custom hardware bits (if I remember Mr. Goodmans role 
during the Rainbow heydays - wasn't he like "Dr. CoCo" or something, 
answering all kinds of hardware and software questions?).

Still sad to hear - I hope he keeps in touch with the list.

-- Andrew L. Ayers
    Glendale, Arizona

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