[Coco] Coco Contiki

David Hazelton davehazelton at comcast.net
Tue Feb 26 21:59:22 EST 2008

Willard Goosey wrote:
> True.  I think part of it is that the "ethernet controller" chips
> under discussion have most (all?) of TCP/IP implemented in hardware,
> so our poor little 8-bit doesn't have to actually grind its way
> through the HUGE mass of code that is IP networking by itself.  
> In theory, we have SLIP, but I've never been able to get the OS-9 port
> of KA9Q to actually talk to a slip server at the other end of the
> serial line.  AFAIK no one else has, either.  Plus, the d00d never
> released his source. :-(
> Another part of it is hardware envy.  If the C64 can do ethernet then
> then CoCo SHOULD, too. ;-)
> Willard
I used to use SLIP (KA9Q) on both the AT306 and the Coco  connected to a 
Windows95/98 box all the time.  I read somewhere that one could connect 
to Window serial networking (Remember connect 2 Windows PC together 
using serial cables or Special Parallel  cable).  to an Amiga using 
SLIP.  It was a timing thing where the "HOST" would say HOST and wait to 
see if the Response was "GUEST".  It tried this like 3 times before time 
out IIRC.  I used to have the RS232 pack connected to Modtap connector 
(25 pin to RJ45)  and run about 50 feet of Cat3 to the Windows box on 
the other side of the Apartment, Just so I could FTP the Files, I just 
downloaded from my "Highspeed Modem".  I would start up KA9Q with a 
Script on the CoCo and run to the Windows box and Click on the Wizard 
set as "HOST" ...And connects at 9600 :)
FTP and then get out of there.  I Never thought KA9Q was good, because 
it was an application not a  service or a module and you were limited 
one what you could do, depending on how you brought it up.  So One could 
set it up to FTP, but would have to reload it to telnet. But It always 
worked.   Unfortunately, Windows 95/98 didn't route between IP ports.  
It would have been fun in the day to Slip into the PC and route to the 
Internet through the PPP connection on your Modem.

I have one of the Conect 16550 cartridges, but could never get KA9Q to 
connect any better than 9600.  Have not  tried this in years though.  I 
really would like to get an Real IP stack on the AT306 with a Ethernet 
card, so I can add it to my network.


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