[Coco] Cassette I/O Error Question

Frank Swygert farna at att.net
Mon Feb 18 15:51:35 EST 2008

Ugh... tapes! I remember trying to do some word processing before I got a disk drive. Saving and loading could be a chore! 

I would think that since the game runs fine you're probably okay, but the tape itself may be going bad. Protect yourself -- copy the tape using a tape deck. Get a good tape, but not a metal tape. I seem to recall there being some problems with metallic cassettes when used with computers, but maybe I'm thinking of something else. The higher quality the tape the longer it will last though. 

Charles Shrader wrote:
> I recently acquired a cassette tape with Pyramid on it.  When I load it,
> I get an "I/O Error", but when I enter the EXEC command, the program
> seems to run fine.  I'm considering playing this game through, but don't
> want to play the game if I am eventually going to run into code or data
> corruption.  What are your opinions on my chances to have problems if I
> play this game?  Does the fact that the program seems to run correctly
> indicate that perhaps the I/O error is a false alarm?

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