[Coco] Micropainter Pics

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 20:32:12 EST 2008

Joel said:

> 1.  Does anybody know whether Micropainter works on the CoCo 3?  I don't
> recall that it doesn't, but...

I just tried my Micropainter in my Coco3, and, while it displays the startup 
splash screen, it locks up after that.

> 2.  Can it be saved to and loaded from floppy disk?  (The program, not
> the images.)

I'm sure I did this way back, and was able to LOADM it. The files still 
saved to tape of course.

> 3.  Is there any other program that can read in the Micropainter files
> and convert them to a less obscure format?  I think they may be PMODE 3,
> is that right?  In addition to the graphics data, I think they must have
> at least a bit to select the color set, or am I remembering wrong?

I imagine Roger's P3 should handle them.

> Other ideas?  Maybe I'll play the tape into the PC sound card, load them
> up in an emulator, and do a screen grab.

Bob Devries

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