[Coco] torn on getting a coco...

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Sun Dec 14 06:22:57 EST 2008


Did you ask me if I had joysticks? No, you did not, I can't read your 
mind. I have many and several different types.

Also if you feel that my prices are out of line. You can always spend 
the time it takes to research the design, create a product, produce 
it, and support it on your own. That is what is so great about the CoCo.

All hobbies take money and everyone has their own personnel reasons 
to set their limits /priorities as do I to set my own price for our products.

I supplied you with a quote for what you were asking for. If you 
didn't want the memory installed. Then you could take the time 
yourself and install the memory, all the documentation is included. 
Please be advised that the memory test program is distributed on a 
floppy disk. Most of my customers like to have everything installed 
and working when they receive their order.

Instead you choose to take a personnel quote and post it with my 
PayPal account on a public forum. Maybe you thought the $50(CoCo3) + 
$40(Memory) was suppose to come out to something different or that 
the prices included shipping/handling when it is clearly posted as 
such on our web site.

Maybe you think that my shipping charges are too high. Just remember 
that I do not manufacture the CoCo3. These were purchased as a bulk 
deal and I had to pay shipping on these items, so there is additional 
$$$ in that line to cover the double shipping costs.



At 12/13/2008 05:46 PM, you wrote:
>1- CoCo3 Refurb 128k Grade A $ 50
>1- 512k Memory Upgrade $ 40
>1- Install and test 512k upgrade $10
>sub $100
>s/h $ 20 UPS Ground lower 48
>Total $120 USD
>Quote good until 12/19/2008 or out of stock whichever is sooner.
>Send payment to mark at cloud9tech.com at www.paypal.com
>I am looking into ordering a grade A COCO 3 and I may want the memory
>So the memory at $40 and a coco 3 at $50 plus shipping, what would that
>be total?
>It's not the $2k that my coco cost without a 512k upgrade, but it
>is still a lot.  Plus, this is without a joystick, something
>cloud9 doesn't sell.  Couldn't I get my nephew a Pentium 4 and
>install Linux to it for this kind of money?  All he has is a
>tape drive and my mult pak interface that works with his coco
>2.  It is legal to reverse engineer unsupported hardware, why
>doesn't cloud 9 do that?  I don't like the part about buying
>a used computer, but I can see why that is.  Radio shack doesn't
>make coco's anymore sadly enough.
>It started out as maybe $50 for a coco and that possibly being okay...
>Well, I figured it should get a memory upgrade.
>Here are the downsides I see to getting my nephew a Coco 3:
>1) No C programming.
>2) He doesn't seem to have any Coco 3 games let alone 512k coco3 games.
>3) No joystick and no way to get one.
>4) I have Diecom Product's Gantlet II, but it doesn't work with
>    drivewire and it definitely won't run off a tape drive.
>5) I could see about an SVD disk drive, but they are limited and
>    they cost $110.  This virtual disk drive may not support Gauntlet II.
>6) I don't have any functional disk drives.
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