[Coco] [Color Computer] Realm of Nauga

Gary S. Weaver garysweaver at nc.rr.com
Tue Oct 30 23:14:02 EDT 2007

No problem. Thanks, and will look forward to it!

Also if anyone out there knows Tom Stephenson and can ask him whether he
would mind fact checking the wikipedia entry:
That would be awesome! I have a feeling some of it needs correction. I tried
to contact Tom via J. J. Walton had no luck.

Also if anyone has info on Chromosette Mag that would help this:


> Gary, I'd be happy to do that, but it may take me a little time.  Work is 
> really crazy right now.  Please remind me again periodically.  I don't
> Also, my e-mail blocked your direct e-mail to me for some reason.  When I 
> opted to unblock it, it just disappeared.  I'm not ignoring you.  I also
> some items to at least two other people that I will do as soon as time 
> permits.  I'd love to help if I can.
> -- Steve --

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