[Coco] OS9 Lev1 Ver2 / NOS9 Lev1

Chester A Patterson vchester at setec-cr.com
Mon Oct 29 09:48:30 EDT 2007

I build a text file of the exact length of the "OS"+"REL" portion of the
boottrack. I dEd the proper Op-Codes in. Saved all the rest of the Level
1 boot files. Merged the appropriate files for a boottrack and the
OS9Boot. Using Nitro-OS9 OS9gen, I made a OS9 Level1 bootdisk, with
rb1773 and descriptors. And it boots, up until the sysgo screeen, which
splashes momentarily on the screen then the boot dies and I'm back at
DECB again. Almost! Had to run to work but I think the sysgo screen was
a 40 column screen, not the requisite 32 column. That would be odd.

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