[Coco] OS9 Lev1 Ver2 / NOS9 Lev1

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 18:29:27 EDT 2007

I remembered the name of the util needed:

It is called kutil

It is available here: ftp://www.rtsi.com/OS9/OS9_6X09/APPS/Kutil_1_2.lzh

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> Excellent! Thankyou.
> I figured REL had to be there somewhere but I couldn't find it. Tricky
> little devil. Gotta get it. Think ded @/d1 will do it?
> I'm working straight stock Coco3-512k, I just use emulators to transfer
> files back and forth.
> OS9L1.2 with the rb1773 works great and boots great, no problems with
> My problem is that I am unable to make a working bootdisk other than by
> using DECB BACKUP.
> I've tried every combination of single & double sided, 35, 40 and 80
> tracks, AND cobbler and os9gen (both Nitro V1)
> Why OS-9 1.2 and not NOS9 1? It goes back to the same trouble discussed
> here many weeks ago about the OS9L2 vs NOS9L2 VDG TERM, some old games
> and apps that insist, for some reason I cannot fathom, on NOT working
> with NOS9 but do with OS9.
> So bit by bit I intend to learn all I can and get to the bottom of this.
> Even if it takes me years, which it will, considering everything I've
> got to learn! But the REAL reason is that messing around with all this
> is a great way to kill a couple of hours each day.
> I take it that "OS" in the T34S1 list below is just that, ASCII "O" and
> "S", not a file, in order to meet the DECB DOS command's requirement.
> Also I assume that what you mean by T34 "S1" is side one of two.
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> Chester A Patterson wrote:
>> Are not these bugs ironed out in Nitro OS-9 Level 1?
> They should be.
> There are several things that will prevent you from booting a double
> sided disk with OS-9 Level1 version2.
> It has already been stated indirectly that tracks alternate front to
> back on double sided OS-9 disks. Two modules in OS-9 need to know how to
> deal with this, Boot and CCDisk. You replaced CCDisk with rb1773 but did
> not replace Boot. Since Boot has not been replaced, you may have
> problems getting OS9Boot to load.
> Also, DECB DOS command does not know what to make of double sided disks.
> It expects the boot track to always be on side0 T34. That's fine with
> real hardware systems but not emulators which alternate front/back
> tracks in the disk image file. That means the emulator or DOS has to
> find the correct track which is now at T68. MESS solves the problem with
> .os9 images by reading the disk info in lsn0.
> Are you trying this on a real Coco or an emulator? If an emulator, which
> one?
> The OS-9 Level1 version2 T34S1 has the following entries.
> OS
> Rel or the Level1 equivalent of the Level2 Rel; not shown with mdir.
> OS9
> OS9P2
> You can merge these together to create a boot track but there aren't any
> Level1 programs that permit creating the actual boot track. There is
> also no program for saving "Rel" from memory as it is not listed.
> Is there some reason why you want to use OS-9 Level1 V2 rather than
> NitrOS-9 Level1?
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