[Coco] Rainbow on Disc Project

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Wed Oct 17 12:25:10 EDT 2007

Rather than reply to each post separately I am going to try to answer 
all queries and comments that have come up so far here.

The contract is not transferable.  This was specifically stated by 
Lonnie in our email discussions, so even if a lawyer could give a 
"thumbs up" to go forward the contract is only valid for me.  I would 
not feel comfortable handing the resources of the project over to anyone 
without assurances that the current copyright holder approves.

As for my role in the project I have come to a point where I can not 
take the time to pursue this without sacrificing time from my work or 
family, and I am not willing to do either.  I agree that this project is 
important to the Coco community and I would love to see it finished, but 
someone else is going to have to take it over.

Michael Harwood

michael at musicheadproductions.org wrote:
> The Rainbow on Disc project has come to a halt pending acquiring
> permission from whomever is the current holder of the copyright to the
> magazines.  I have sent snailmail, attempted phone communication, and even
> convinced Mark Kramer to call Prospect's City Hall to see if she could get
> someone to pass along a message to get things going.
> At this point I am halting all work on the project and putting it up for
> grabs to anyone who is willing to acquire permission to continue.  I will
> ship all project resources (e.g. magazines, all magazine images, Document
> Express software, etc) to the person(s) who can provide documentation that
> they have permission to continue this work.  I will pay for shipping via
> USPS media mail   within the US - any sort of international shipping will
> need to handled by the receiver.
> I am truly sorry about this, but at this point the time my work and home
> life require does not leave any room to continue the project and I would
> rather hand over the reigns than let it fester.
> Regards,
> Michael Harwood

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