[Coco] Problems with Keil Coco3 emulator

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Thu Oct 4 08:37:59 EDT 2007

Robert Gault wrote:

> That's hard to tell, since you have not specified the particular Keil 
> emulator you are using. It must be a Coco3 (RAM question) but which 
> version. I can't reproduce your problems with 2.11

Coco3 v2.10.

> How do you leave the F5 screen, with ESC or F5? You must use F5 for 
> changes to be saved.

Yes, <F5>. As I said, the other parameters _are_ saved.

> You don't load PAKs from the F7 screen; which is for Snapshots. You 
> should be using F4 to load the PAKs into the MPI.

<F7> also allows you to load PAK files using <F6>.

>> 3. When attempting to insert cartridges into the MPI using <F4>, the
>> file browser won't show any files in sub-directories, regardless of the
>>  filespec mask.
> Works for me. Presumably you have some PAKs with the ROM extension. Do 
> you also have any corresponding CAR files to match the ROMs?

I have both .PAK files and .ROM files. No I don't have matching .CAR files. 
I thought these were optional rather than mandatory. Besides, surely you 
should still be able to browse all files by changing the filespec? I get no 
files at all...


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