[Coco] books

Manny cocolist at invigorated.org
Wed Nov 28 09:56:23 EST 2007

Bob Devries wrote:
> Coronado Enterprises produced a fairly extensive tutorial on C 
> programming quite some time ago. I believe there's a copy on RTSI, or 
> you can read it online at 
> http://www.coronadoenterprises.com/tutorials/c/c_intro.htm
> I think they may also do other programming languages (pascal?).

Looks like past lesson 4 (or 5?) they want you to buy the tutorial for 


As you can see, there are other languages covered... But, it might be a 
better solution to purchase a book for the price that they ask for their 

If there is a copy on RTSI, is it legal considering the fact that they 
are trying sell it?


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