[Coco] DVD and CoCo mug

CoCo Tower cocotower at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 22 17:49:13 EST 2007

To whom it concerns,

First, thanks for being patient as I bring the sites
back up.

Second, because I have been shut down from my right to
take web site orders and stay busy over the holiday, I
wanted to post some alternate ways for reaching me or
ordering stuff.

Regular e-mail and PayPal payments for site items can
be sent to:

cocotower at yahoo.com

Just use the subject line to tell me what you want.

Since I'm basically spending my Thanksgiving away from
family by myself, I'm working on the last few CoCo
archive DVDs to be sent out.  So this is a good time
to order, even though I'm trying hard to stay amused
after what has happened.

If you'd like a DVD, it comes in a clear case with
jacket label and color DVD label, and has 4 gigs of
content.  $20 (includes shipping to anywhere on the
globe that has postal).

The Smiling CoCo Mug - 15oz HQ ceramic printed mug
preorder to be placed in batch soon - $20 should take
care of my cost plus shipping to you.

If you'd like a DVD and CoCo mug together, keep in
mind that the mug will arrive later, so two shipments
will be required, but I'll take $35 for the combo and
get your DVD package out right away.

Roger Taylor
cocotower at yahoo.com

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