[Coco] COCO3.COM down? HTTP 500 error

CoCo Tower cocotower at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 22 17:25:40 EST 2007

All of my subdomains are down, rainbowide.com,
annualcocofest.com, coco3.com as well as e-mail from
those accounts.  The hacker somehow went into my
control panel and deleted the accounts manually.  I'm
going to talk again with a rep from my hosting company
to see if they somehow gave information to a person
posing as me over the phone.

I warned my host earlier in the year after I called
and the guy never made sure it was actually me, and he
went in and performed certain operations I
requested... then I bitched him out.  I sent warning
e-mails a few months back when some hacking attempts
were being made and I got a reply ensuring me that
nobody but me could get past a rep and get login info.

I'm not sure why there have been repeated attempts to
kill my web site or efforts, but everyone who knows of
me knows that I'll keep her online until Hell freezes
over.  If the high Google rating has something to do
with attracting hack bots, then I guess others are
going through similar problems.

As long as the MySQL/PHP system has these
vunerabilities beyond my control that can be used even
if once in a blue moon, I'll keep bouncing back as any
other attacked web site does and improve the security
the best I can and add even more features.

It's just sad that a little community web site can't
be left alone in peace, and that the hacker was evil
enough to choose Thanksgiving as a sick reminder to me
that he is really out to hurt and not just to hack.

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