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> >You're dealing with some of the smartest people that
> >have been trapped by the company into not being able to escape :)
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>Oh, I don't know about all THAT! Your boys, in my neighborhood, 
>still have not learned that there is a difference
>between COURT and STREET.
>Also, when was Wilma, 3 years ago?
>Apparently, just a few hours before Wilma landed here in Miami, the 
>UPS driver found the infinite
>wisdom to leave a package at my door.
>Wilma bearing down.
>Package on doorstep.
>Just so happened, that it was my Apple iPod.
>In the end, I had to call UPS, and had them remove the ability to 
>leave packages at the front door.
>Once in a while, even with that block in place, they STILL leave 
>packages at my front door.

With rain heading in, he should have used a large plastic bag which 
all cars are stocked with unless he was out of them for the day or he 
somehow thought you might be home before Wilma got home.  Maybe a 
supervisor put out a bulletin to the boards to deliver as usual until 
further notice, etc. since they watch the radar and all the package 
cars on GPS pretty well.

I'm not sure and I can't speak for any other driver, but I can tell 
you that the Post Office has left my mailbox door open WAY too many 
times during rain and got my checks soaking wet that I needed to cash 
the same day, or something was missing because a kid rode by on a 
bike and noticed the new NetFlix movie in the red envelope just 
sitting there begging to be snatched out, and those missing child 
support checks never came in after multiple complaints and proof that 
they were mailed by the state, etc.  I've had no problems with UPS in 
the past, whatsoever, but have had ongoing problems with the post 
office, and I've never used FedEx so I can't make any comments on them.

Anyway, I hope you have good luck in the future with the shipper of 
your choice.

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