[Coco] Spare GIME's (I think) giveaway

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Mon Nov 12 17:46:35 EST 2007

They're GIMEs all right, Tony.  Glad to see the offer to the list memebers
before you put them on Ebay.  I hope you'll offer them a few more goodies from
my former collection from time to time.


On Sun, 11 Nov 2007, tonym wrote:

> Heh - getting ready to list stuff on eBay, and going through the boxes in the garage, I found more stuff
> I received from Art when he moved.
> I found a tube with what appear to be 3 GIME chips.
> They are square package, about 1" square, and labelled as follows:
> 2838-001
> TCC1014A
> (C) Tandy 1987
> 2 have identical, what look to be datecodes or batches: 819 VA M9822
> And third says 807Z X555R
> If these are GIME's, I'll offer 2 to listmembers, for the cost of prioirty
> mail shipping, plus a bubble mailer: $6 (Priority Mail costs $4.60, and the
> mailer costs me like $1.00-1.20)
> First 2 responses get the 2 available, and if no responses they'll go to
> eBay. If they're GIME's I'd like to keep 1 spare. I think it's fairer to
> give 'em away, as that's how I received them from Art.
> Oh, and if they're NOT GIME's, let me know what they are, but they're STILL
> available for the cost above.
> Tony

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