[Coco] Spare GIME's (I think) giveaway

tonym tonym at compusource.net
Sun Nov 11 23:16:11 EST 2007

I usually just use PayPal to do either USPS, or as I recently found out they do, UPS.
You can purchase, and print the label right online, and it'll subtract the amount right from
PayPal, so you can keep something that resembles order. I use the avery labels you
can buy at Office * stores.

I've even sent 10-20 5.25" floppies in the bubble-mailers, and not had any issues yet.
They're very convenient for certain things, but bubble-mailers are not the be-all end-all solution.
I also use the USPS/eBay Priority Mail boxes that they send to you for free.


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Oh, obviously the $4.60 is only where USPS serves at that rate.
If you're elsewhere, you'll just pay the exact shipping rate there

What?!? $4.60 to ship a little chip!?! Are you KIDDING me!?! Geez 
that really peeves me....

) Just kidding!!!! :P


Actually, I think Priority Mail and bubble envelopes don't mix, but I 
could be wrong. I've tried printing stamps.com labels for envelopes 
and it won't let you choose Priority Mail. Certain classes travel on 
different carriers or different sections in a carrier vehicle 
although I'm sure things sneak through unnoticed sometimes. I end up 
using 1st class or Media Mail for envelopes.

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