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Hrmph! Sorry about that! 
These machines are located in S. Florida.
I have enough packing materials on-hand, that I would NOT need to use a 3rd party retail
pack-and-send outfit, which should keep the shipping reasonable.


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What part of the country are you in? While I already have a 4 and a 4p, spares would be nice. I still consider LS-DOS to be the best single-user operating system ever built.
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 While we're on the subject,most of us also collect TRS-80 gear.
 Before I list it, anyone interested in a decent condition, working Model 4?
 Seems to be a strange bird, from what I can gather.

 Has the clustered keyboard, but has the non-gate-array motherboard.
 Works, boots a copy of Montezuma Micro CP/M 2.2 I have just fine.

 A little scuffed up, so it'll need a Soft Scrub (r), and there's a spot of red 
 junk on the
 anti-glare filter.

 I also might be coerced into parting with a Model 4P, yellowed a bit, though, 
 also have 2 manuals with it.
 There is one other 4P, parts unit, though. I think it works, but there is no 
 front cover.

 1000TX is also available, something stupid, like $20+shipping just to move it 

 I need to be able to walk in my garage again!

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