[Coco] [Color Computer] eBay seller gustavus1

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Nov 11 22:28:58 EST 2007

At 04:46 AM 11/11/2007, you wrote:
>You know, you're a bit thicker than I originally pegged you for....
>So et me put it in an easily understood, lementary way for you.
>Let me know if I'm going a bit too fast for you - I can slow down.
>OK - here it comes...
>No eBay seller in their right mind, is going to use a 
>bottom-basement shipping method which you seem to want.
>I don't know WHY you're hung up on USPS, or Canada Post.
>It doesn't matter WHAT it is, be it FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, UK Royal 
>Post, damn SPACE SHUTTLE for all I freaking care.
>Let that sink in...
>Absorb that...
>If it is NOT a traceable method, it is a risk. Period. YOU want him 
>to drop it in an envelope, and use standard mail, and NO SELLER

Actually, Tony, with all respect (and I know I'm replying to another 
conversation), but all the recent items I ordered from Hong Kong, the 
laptop adaptors and so forth were all placed in a small paper 
envelope with a tad bid of thin foam padding taped around the 
item.  It worked flawlessly.  Things are tougher than we think and 
unless a car runs over the package, it usually survives the handling 
of Very careful people at UPS, where I also work and drive.  ;)

However, don't go and ship a CoCo in a large shirt box unless you use 
a LOT of tape.  Since we are forbidden (and I mean strictly) to throw 
packages or set packages on top of it that would damage the package 
underneath, chances are, your shirt-box no packing peanuts CoCo WILL 
arrive in perfect condition.  Picture 3 supervisors watching your 
every move in every UPS hub, with a strict hand-to-surface policy 
with packages which means it goes from your hand to the surface it's 
intended for (conveyor belt, package car shelf, etc.), and a CoCo 
with no packaging whatsoever (a bare CoCo), would survive a UPS trip 
around the world, but would ofcourse attract a lot of dust and hand 
oil/dirt?  :)

So, trust in your shippers more and trust less in get-rich-quick 
scammers.  BUT... by all means, charge what you want for shipping, as 
I'm not a shipping police.  I'm just throwing in my 2 cents as an 
authority on the matter.

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