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Neil Morrison neilsmorr at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 11:35:22 EST 2007

Another BS statement from you the supposed 'expert'. Reality is that the
sort of prick who overcharges on shipping is the one who puts the tape in a
one cent envelope and mails it at the lowest rate. When you get an empty
envelope with $0.90 postage as I have - after I paid $9.60 for S&H  - you
have the exact thing I am warning about. Your frantic attempts to BS us all
do not impress me - I've seen this too many times.
 I just paid $20 S&H on a 99 cent item. The postage was $18.65. The item
arrived fine and I am well pleased with the deal from a very honest seller.
 So you and your alleged 'friends' (assuming they exist) can do as you will.
This seller is still to be avoided based on all of the red flags he has
 By the way, next time you phone for a price on something such as new tires
for your car, say, and you receive an insulting reply from the dealer, go
ahead and give HIM your business anyway. Let us know how THAT works out

*On Nov 11, 2007 2:46 AM, tonym <tonym at compusource.net> wrote: *

> You know, you're a bit thicker than I originally pegged you for....
> So et me put it in an easily understood, lementary way for you.
> Let me know if I'm going a bit too fast for you - I can slow down.
> OK - here it comes...
> No eBay seller in their right mind, is going to use a bottom-basement
shipping method which you seem to want.
> I don't know WHY you're hung up on USPS, or Canada Post.
> It doesn't matter WHAT it is, be it FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, UK Royal Post,
damn SPACE SHUTTLE for all I freaking care.
> Let that sink in...
> Absorb that...
> If it is NOT a traceable method, it is a risk. Period. YOU want him to
drop it in an envelope, and use standard mail, and NO SELLER
> Let that sink in...
> Absorb that...
> Want to know why?
> Because a MORON like you, would CHOOSE a $2 shipping method, on a $1
purchase, and God forbid anything happen in transit.

Except that once again you know nothing. Light Packet Canada Post *allows
for* Delivery Confirmation.

> YOU would be a TOTAL NIGHTMARE at that point. THAT is why sellers don't
use cheap untrackable shipping methods.
> Everyone I have emailed your drivel to, has completely fallen out of their
chairs laughing, wondering what the heck is wrong with you,
> and THEY are all asking me your eBay ID so *THEY* can block you.
> Hmmmm....Wonder why that is?

Because you are all a bunch of crooks - assuming you have any 'friends'?

> Shitty attitude is most likely what you gave him, and you got it back, and
all this crap you've emailed the list is the proof.
> The guy has 902 feedbacks, 8 of which are negative, only *ONE* negative in
the past 13 months and he is a bad seller?
> Go back nearly 24 months, and still only 2 bad feedbacks, and STILL he's a
bad seller? Please, gimme a break.
> That isn't the problem.
> The REAL problem, is that you a BAD BUYER!

No, I am a very good buyer indeed, as all of my feedback shows. Plus, I have
a nice collection of emails from sellers after I have helped them by
pointing out errors in their listings which would have hurt them. I gave him
no shitty attitude at all, I merely politely asked why the difference
between the Canada Post rate and his rate. He managed to misread the
question and without any discussion banned me from all of his sales. I
merely wish to help others by giving fair warning. You seem to want other
list members to suffer and you two sound like birds of a feather.

*All *of my most recent feedback for about a week:
*a fine transaction *
*Fast payment. Thanks so much for the winning bid. Hope to deal with you
again. *
*Great Ebayer Fast Pay A++++++++++hope to see you again!!!!!!!!!111 *
*Great eBayer. Fast payment. Pleasant person. Would sell to him again.!
*A pleasure to have this eBayer make a purchase! Many thanks! AAA+++ *
*positive ++++++++fast pay good communication aaa+++++++++ *
*73 !! de LZ1HY *
*Super-FAST Payment!! A++ buyer, great transaction--thank you very much!! *

Now let's look at the feedback that gustavus1 has received that you claim is
so good:

Item was shipped 3 days after payment was made.
 there was no grease to this pump, lots of wear, claim not true

 waited way toooo long for good to be delivered
 This item OK but seller failed to disclose serious defects in another item
 Demanded $22 US for "discounted" combined shipping that actually cost $8+
 Item OK but this seller gouges heavily on shipping charges. $22 US for $8+
 bought two saws, both misrepresented, over charged for shipping by$40 don't
 Misrepresented item, over charged by $20 for shipping, said it's my problem

 Bid at your own risk if this seller states no knowledge of an item.
  Doesn't seem familiar w/(or even know what)he is selling, be careful.
 charged excessive amount for shipping, almost double the actual shipping
 did not reply to emails Buyer: jmc72buyer ( 47)  May-12-03 13:57
 Poor packaging, item damaged, no response to E-mails. Do not use.
 He's hidding vital info about this product he is selling; not trustuardy
 This guy actually sent me and email cussing me out, calling me filthy
 Fast Shipping. Product was not exactly what was stated to me via email.
 no contact no payment no response to multiple emails, user on my block list

 Asked me what i bid on.gave him descrip from auction.Told me that wasnt it.

Yeah, that's a nice guy - NOT!!

Now see what he has left for others: Left by Mr

He is a bad seller. Avoid him or suffer.

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