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STOP ALREADY !!  This is pathetic !!  No one wants to hear it.  Both of you 

-- Steve --

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> God's teeth you are a lunatic. There are people locked up who are saner 
> than you. I suggest you get professional help as soon as you can.
> When someone is a total A-hole, like gustavus1, I see no point in arguing 
> with him. I posted this:
> "I just had a very unpleasant exchange with this guy in Manitoba, Canada. 
> Be careful about any dealings you may have with him - looks like a bad one 
> to me."
> and you went crazy ass stupid. You attacked me personally with a plethora 
> of insults instead of arguing any point you may have had. THAT is what I 
> call "attacking in the vilest possible terms." You don't know me, yet you 
> felt fully entitled to make all sorts of assumptions about me, all of 
> which were wrong. In your utter arrogance you gave your opinion on what 
> everyone on the planet should do and how they should do it. All you wound 
> up doing was to piss off everyone else on this list and show what a 
> complete fool you are.
> Well done. When you finish attacking me I will stop - but I will  never 
> back down.
> N
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> Oh, and by the way, if you considering calling you a cheapass "attacking 
> you in the vilest possible terms,"
> my apologies - if someone called ME a cheapass, well, I'd say HELL YES! I 
> am the absolute most penny-pinching,
> squeeze-blood-out-of-a-rock cheapass SOB on the planet.
> What WAS vile, was the way you slandered a man you do not know, or have 
> even done a transaction with, in a public
> forum, without giving him an opportunity to defend himself.
> THAT was, how did you say, "attacking in the vilest possible terms."
> Again, if calling you a cheapass insulted you, my apologies.
> Tony
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