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Dude, whatever - Get a life, because I'm done with you - I already chewed you up, and spit you out.
Do what you want - I'm finished with you.

Everyone already knows who's vile - you yourself made that a very easy choice.

I will NOT respond to any other posts you make, so if you feel the ABSOLUTE NEED to prove who and
what you are, and absolutely HAVE to have the last word, go right ahead.

You can have the last word - I am done with you.
It's been embarrassing enough as it is. I'm not stooping any further down to your level.

So, go ahead and take the last shot - it is yours, I will let you have it.
But after that, be a man, grow a pair, and DROP IT.

ENOUGH already.


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God's teeth you are a lunatic. There are people locked up who are saner than 
you. I suggest you get professional help as soon as you can.

When someone is a total A-hole, like gustavus1, I see no point in arguing 
with him. I posted this:

"I just had a very unpleasant exchange with this guy in Manitoba, Canada. Be 
careful about any dealings you may have with him - looks like a bad one to 

and you went crazy ass stupid. You attacked me personally with a plethora of 
insults instead of arguing any point you may have had. THAT is what I call 
"attacking in the vilest possible terms." You don't know me, yet you felt 
fully entitled to make all sorts of assumptions about me, all of which were 
wrong. In your utter arrogance you gave your opinion on what everyone on the 
planet should do and how they should do it. All you wound up doing was to 
piss off everyone else on this list and show what a complete fool you are.

Well done. When you finish attacking me I will stop - but I will never back 


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Oh, and by the way, if you considering calling you a cheapass "attacking you 
in the vilest possible terms,"
my apologies - if someone called ME a cheapass, well, I'd say HELL YES! I am 
the absolute most penny-pinching,
squeeze-blood-out-of-a-rock cheapass SOB on the planet.

What WAS vile, was the way you slandered a man you do not know, or have even 
done a transaction with, in a public
forum, without giving him an opportunity to defend himself.

THAT was, how did you say, "attacking in the vilest possible terms."

Again, if calling you a cheapass insulted you, my apologies.


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