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You know, you're a bit thicker than I originally pegged you for....

So et me put it in an easily understood, lementary way for you.
Let me know if I'm going a bit too fast for you - I can slow down.

OK - here it comes...

No eBay seller in their right mind, is going to use a bottom-basement shipping method which you seem to want.

I don't know WHY you're hung up on USPS, or Canada Post.
It doesn't matter WHAT it is, be it FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, UK Royal Post, damn SPACE SHUTTLE for all I freaking care.

Let that sink in...
Absorb that...

If it is NOT a traceable method, it is a risk. Period. YOU want him to drop it in an envelope, and use standard mail, and NO SELLER

Let that sink in...
Absorb that...

Want to know why?
Because a MORON like you, would CHOOSE a $2 shipping method, on a $1 purchase, and God forbid anything happen in transit.
YOU would be a TOTAL NIGHTMARE at that point. THAT is why sellers don't use cheap untrackable shipping methods.

Everyone I have emailed your drivel to, has completely fallen out of their chairs laughing, wondering what the heck is wrong with you,
and THEY are all asking me your eBay ID so *THEY* can block you.

Hmmmm....Wonder why that is?

Shitty attitude is most likely what you gave him, and you got it back, and all this crap you've emailed the list is the proof.

The guy has 902 feedbacks, 8 of which are negative, only *ONE* negative in the past 13 months and he is a bad seller?
Go back nearly 24 months, and still only 2 bad feedbacks, and STILL he's a bad seller? Please, gimme a break.
That isn't the problem.
The REAL problem, is that you a BAD BUYER!

If you, how did you put it "know plenty about fair trading on eBay, as my very high feedback shows. I
also know bad when I see it." then you would KNOW how to read feedback, and also KNOW that feedback on eBay
is not the only think to take into account. You would ALSO have noticed only *ONE* bad fb entry in the past 13 mos,
selling OR buying. Going back nearly 24mos, only *TWO* bad feedbacks.You would ALSO know that MOST negative 
feedbacks are retaliatory, and you NEVER get the whole story, so again, you must take it all in with a grain of salt.

I have been on eBay since it 1995, when it was AuctionWeb, and I know better than to expect a $2 shipping charge on ANYTHING.
I wouldn;t mail a POSTAGE STAMP for $2. It's downright stupid, irresponsibleand just plain BEGGING for problems with someone
the likes of you.

You OBVIOUSLY lack in common sense and analytical skills, and sadly, that can't be taught. It would sure would be an improvement.
You have the personality and manners of a pit viper.
I am truly sorry that were handicapped with that from birth, and though unfair, you must play the hand you were dealt.

It's ignorant buyers like yourself that drive sellers crazy on eBay.You are a CANCER to eBay, and the entire eBay community.
You obviously have NO CLUE on restrictions, limitations, liabilities, and protections affecting a seller and their transactions, in 
regards to selling on eBay, payment methods, and <drum roll> shipping.

As for birds of a feather, I would rather be grouped in with him, than anywhere NEAR you.
YOU and those like you are the reason eBay is going the way it is.
You are an idiot, you called out a person in public with NO REASON, did NOT thoroughly analyze the feedback, and do NOT have
both sides of the story. You know nothing about him, know nothing about the other situations, yet still proceeded to open your mouth,
and stick your foot in as far as it would freaking go.

You probably sent him some nasty note about the shipping, and he bitch-slapped you back in your place, and that pissed you off.

TOUGH SH!T. You are acting like a buffoont, and you deserve what you got. Going from your behavior in these "emails" you've sent, 
I would wager that you were probably a total jerk to him, and he figured it was better to avert disaster, than to deal with you.

Rightly so.

I have been on this list, and it's Princeton predecessor for over a dozen years, on other mailing lists for nearly the same time, have bought
 and sold to many people on here,through eBay, and directly, and I have NEVER in my life encountered anyone as nasty, miserable, nieve, 
pompous, and downright ingnorant on the procedures of selling online.

You really push the envelope on ignorance and stupidity regarding online buying. We may need to invent a new word to describe your condition.

You're just a miserable, bitter, pissed-off, cheapskate schmuck who is trying to get back at him because he wasn't willing to risk a transaction
with you, and I don't blame him a SINGLE bit. YOU are an eBay seller's WORST nightmare come to life.

Neil, you're an idiot. I'm surprised you haven't hurt yourself with the computer

Oh, and please stay away from my auctions - If I knew your eBay ID, you would've been on my block list over 12 hours ago, and probably every
other block list on eBay.

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Blah...Blah...Blah - Ignorant drivel

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