[Coco] [Color Computer] eBay seller gustavus1

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 04:56:58 EST 2007

You are clearly an idiot without a lick of common sense. Your inability to
comprehend that the rest of the earth does not use the USPS is enough to
prove this. It is more than reasonable to ask the seller about a serious
disparity in shipping prices BEFORE bidding, and on several occasions it has
turned out that the seller had mistakenly entered the wrong information.

What part of SHITTY ATTITUDE did you fail to comprehend? THAT is my
complaint, and I am not alone, as his feedback proves, both that left for
him and by him. He is a bad seller. The fact that you will accept his abuse
means you two are birds of a feather, and does nothing to improve him in my

I know plenty about fair trading on eBay, as my very high feedback shows. I
also know bad when I see it.

You have been warned. The fact that you are terminally stupid is not my
problem. You chose to start abusing me so it is you who is wasting
bandwidth. But I guess the dumb ones never see the truth.


On Nov 11, 2007 12:47 AM, tonym <tonym at compusource.net> wrote:

> My geography is fine, but unfortunately, you're SOL, as COMMON SENSE can't
> be taught, and it's a dang shame.
> Of course, I really don't know what geography has to do with mailers and
> such - you're like stuck on the Canada thing.
> This isn't the 60's - gas isn't $.50, and neither is shipping.
> Bottom line - if you DON'T LIKE THE PRICE, MOVE ALONG
> WTF? hello? McFly?
> You just want to waste everyone's bandwidth arguing over this?
> You'll NEVER be right, because if you DID NOT like the price, noone was
> forcing you to hit the buy button.
> It's an open market - there are choices - Buy/Don't Buy. What part of that
> are you having trouble understanding?
> I sent the guy 2 emails, and he was polite as can be.
> Of course, seeing how YOU are spewing on here, I can just IMAGINE what you
> said to him!
> It's no WONDER he blocked you!
> I really doubt eBay would even blink an eye at a $9 shipping fee from
> Canada to the US.
> They would probably think you're just bored.
> Ya got issues, man. Ya got issues.
> And being called a cheap-ass is the LEAST of it.
> And I'm done with this. You obviously have no clue what it takes to sell
> stuff on eBay.
> Go take your medication, and drop this crap.
> This list is no place for this kind of nonsense.

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