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And I see reality waved bye-bye to you a long time ago...

Adding the cost for packing materials is fraud?
Man - lemme send you a few dollars so you can buy a clue...

And actually, on a few occasions in just the last couple of months, I have eaten a difference, because
I estimated incorrectly, so the answer would be yes.

As for his attitude, man no WONDER he reacted the way he did. I can just IMAGINE how you approached him!

And if you emailed eBay complaining about a couple of dollars, they would probably laugh at you, as probably
3/4 of this list is. Keep inmind it's shipping and *HANDLING*, which is allowed to cover shipping expenses above
and beyond the exact shipping fee.

And, I don;t use dollar store crap. I can just imagine sending you something in a dollar store mailer, and then the retribution
from it being a sub-par mailer.

Look up the word "petty" in the dictionary.


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And Canada is NOT the USA. I see that simple fact continues to elude you. 
The two postal systems are very different.

Also it is a fraud when you try to add all of your expenses into the S&H and 
not to the selling price to cheat eBay out of its fees. It also screws the 
bidder over.

Further you can ship up to 100 gm (4 oz) for less than $2 and this was one 
short cassette tape with no case. As for bubble packs, you can buy 4 or more 
for a $1 at most any dollar store. They are more plentiful than Office 

However as I said, it's this guy's shitty attitude which I object to. Yours 
isn't much better, calling me a cheap ass. On several occasions when a 
seller has underestimated the shipping costs I have offered to pay the 
difference. Have you ever done as much?


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Continuing with your drivel....
Both Canada, and the US, are part of the common sense world.
This is the one in which, if you open your eyes and drive to Office Depot, 
or anywhere else
in the REAL world, you would see a simple bubble mailer costs at least 
Plus, that would not be a valid way to ship something assuming PayPal was 
used, which, let's
face it, probably 75% of eBay transactions use.

I don't see you as the type to go to a USPS and spending $2.00 on an 
international money order.

PLUS, 50g? that's not even 2 ounces. (1oz = around 28g). Cutting it rather 
close, aren't we?


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