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Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Thu Nov 8 23:28:47 EST 2007

Hi, Ed.

If you want to quickly see the latest, most impressive CoCo
developments, take a look at Sock Master's demos: 
http://www.axess.com/twilight/sock/  (be sure to check out the real
Donkey Kong conversion and Sock's Hi-Color image viewer -- both of those
will astound you with what can be done on a CoCo.)

Then go to Cloud-9.  They're a real live CoCo vendor in 2007 who are
still developing new hardware and software for the CoCo: 
http://www.cloud9tech.com/  Especially note the Super IDE controller and

Then go to Gary Becker's web site and see his CoCo 3 implemented in
FPGA:  http://www.geocities.com/gary_L_becker/coco3fpga.html  If you buy
yourself an FPGA development kit, download Gary's GPL code, and put in
some of your own elbow grease, you can have a CoCo sytstem on a chip
that runs at 22MHz.

There are S-Video and VGA monitor adapters available for the CoCo 3, a
new Gauntlet clone (called The Glove), several good PC CoCo emulators,
and the Glenside Color Computer Club still puts on an Annual 'Last'

Allen Huffman has a CoCo Wiki we can all contribute to (
http://www.coco25.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page ), and as Mary points
out, Roger Taylor's coco3.com is a great web site and portal to all
things CoCo, plus it hosts Mary's very cool CoCo web 'zine.

We're glad you found the list.

Joel Ewy

Ed Siler wrote:
> I just discovered this group, and I've VERY surprised to see there's
> still much interest in the CoCo! I haven't had one of mine fired up in
> years, but I was very much a true CoCo nut back in the day. Even
> attended Rainbowfest in Chicago in '83 or '84. 
> Still have all my goodies stored in their original boxes - CoCo's,
> MC10, Dragon, multipaks, drives, tapes, modem, X pad ...  the works.
> Some Frank Hogg & Dennis Kitz stuff. Tons of software. Full rank of
> mags too - ALL the Rainbows mags, from beginning to end. Hot CoCo.
> Color Computer mag. Undercolor. All carefully boxed away.
> Opened that closet the other day & the memories poured out, that's
> what got me looking on the 'net.
> While I know beyond a doubt the CoCo was the best & the 6809 had it
> all over the rest, just what can you do with one TODAY?? Didn't true
> development of the platform stagnate over a decade ago? 
> Anyway, it's good to see some are still interested - maybe I'll drag
> one out & see if I can remember how to start it!
> Ed
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