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I just  discovered this group, and I've VERY surprised to see there's
still much  interest in the CoCo! I haven't had one of mine fired up in
years, but I  was very much a true CoCo nut back in the day. Even
attended Rainbowfest in  Chicago in '83 or '84. 
Still have all my goodies stored in their original  boxes - CoCo's,
MC10, Dragon, multipaks, drives, tapes, modem, X pad  ...  the works.
Some Frank Hogg & Dennis Kitz stuff. Tons of  software. Full rank of
mags too - ALL the Rainbows mags, from beginning to  end. Hot CoCo.
Color Computer mag. Undercolor. All carefully boxed  away.
Opened that closet the other day & the memories poured out,  that's
what got me looking on the 'net.

While I know beyond a doubt  the CoCo was the best & the 6809 had it
all over the rest, just what  can you do with one TODAY?? Didn't true
development of the platform  stagnate over a decade ago? 

Anyway, it's good to see some are still  interested - maybe I'll drag
one out & see if I can remember how to  start it!


welcome back to the coco era Ed... some other good places to meet up with  
people are coco3.com cafe where you can chat.......also make sure to check out  
my e-zine for the coco on the homepage of coco3.com! have fun and hopefully we 
 will see ya in chat or forums or more on the list here.

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