[Coco] Glenside IDE Hard Drive Interface --- HOW-TO

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Tue Nov 6 07:58:26 EST 2007

Willard Goosey wrote:

>>Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 08:01:09 -0500
>>From: Robert Gault <robert.gault at worldnet.att.net>
>>Just looked and the makedesc.txt is a patch for the Basic09 source, not 
>>the full program. The glensd10.zip, which ought to be the working disk, 
>>contains a corrupted dsk image but probably is not the current version.
> I'm not sure how the virtual disk got corrupted.
>>Udpt1030.lzh seems to be the file needed but can only be expanded with a 
>>Coco OS-9 archive program not distributed with NitrOS-9. 
> NitrOS-9 doesn't include *any* archivers.  How, then, should the
> drivers be packaged?
>>A text file in the lzh archive states that the Basic program need 32K of 
>>data space. That memory can be allocated when starting Basic09 or from 
>>within Basic09.
> OK, I'll be uploading a bug-fixed makedesc.b09 and a new archive with
> the 1.0.0 virtual disk.   They'll be on my webpage soon and in the
> proper directory on rtsi and maltedmedia once the ftp sysadmin puts
> them in their place.
> I would like to make a couple of points clear, however.
> 1) I never intended to become the distributor of this code.  It just
> sort of happened.
> 2) I am *not* the maintainer.  I can do a little 6809 assembly, but
> device drivers are beyond my skill at the moment.  The closest thing
> to a maintainer is Rodney.
> 3) I gathered this up piece by piece as it was released.  I really
> didn't realize what a mess it would be to start from scratch with.
> 4) I do not speak for the Glenside club, though I did get their
> permission (and the permission of Boyle and Rodney) to distribute
> their work on the ftp sites.
> Willard

A suitable archive program for expanding the above archive can be found 
on the RTSI site, lha211c.bin and xlh.bin, both are needed in your CMDS 
A readme file is also here but lha has built-in help.

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