[Coco] Mark Data games, Bob Withers

Derek dml_68 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 21:59:29 EST 2007

Thanks to all involved for have the games avaliable and for hosting the games on the coco3 web site.

I just used this handy utility below to convert the .Bin files to.DSK format for emulator use and conversion to real coco floppy disk. They all work great on my coco 3.


Roger Taylor <operator at coco3.com> wrote: Robert Gault has contributed a recovered copy of Bob Wither's 
adventure game pages with source code, etc. which I have hosted on 
www.coco3.com as a module.  Look in the left sidebar for "Mark Data 
Games" and enjoy!

The binaries are there as well, AND if you have the VCC emulator 
installed you can actually click on those binaries, wait for Windows 
to show you the file in Explorer, click on the .bin file, and 
run!  That is, you can run the adventures right from the web site (no 
.dsk image necessary).

If anyone else has a lost web site or pages to host, write me first 
and I'll see about hosting the content.

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