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I think  you need to put in a plug for Diego's Asimov award.

On Mon, Nov 05,  2007 at 09:22:56PM -0500, Nuxie at aol.com wrote:
> Hey there guys,  
> Now I know yall are nuts! Sending me money like that!  We are going to make 
> huge gigantic Christmas issue of the  newsletter that will burn up your  
> computers DSL connection like  none other! Lets get some christmas stories 
in  this 
> next issue  about you and your CoCo's first christmas together! Also lets  
> some great one liners or other programs with a Christmas theme to  them in  
> this issue.  .  This is the biggest family I  have ever had and the  most 
> wonderfull family. We have always  come together in hard times either to  
give an ear 
> to someone in  depression or to offer advice for fellow newbies and  
oldies! I 
>  will continue this thread over in the forums of CoCo3.com instead of  the  
> here. I want to see a flood of material even if it is just to  introduce  
> yourself to the fellow family here. I want to have a  family tree section 
of the  
> newsletter as well as all the  technical stuff. All you comback kids out 
> that I have  talked into getting back involved with the coco and all you 
> that have supported and taught me what little i know i want everone  
> in  this issue!  So beware of your messnger list  cause here i come! If you 
> have  a project ( hardware or  software) that you are working on I want a 
> write up  or at  least to interview you about it. if you are selling stuff 
>  caugh  caugh roy , roger, etc) I want an advertisement or order form to  
put in 
> the next  newsletter.
> yeap i know i have a big  christmas list but lets do this thing!
>  ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))
> Mary

Yes that is a must have. We already have the prize money so get to  
programming people

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