[Coco] OT Mary's Back like the McRibb Sandwich

Nuxie at aol.com Nuxie at aol.com
Mon Nov 5 21:22:56 EST 2007

Hey there guys, 
Now I know yall are nuts! Sending me money like that! We are going to make  a 
huge gigantic Christmas issue of the newsletter that will burn up your  
computers DSL connection like none other! Lets get some christmas stories in  this 
next issue about you and your CoCo's first christmas together! Also lets  get 
some great one liners or other programs with a Christmas theme to them in  
this issue.  .  This is the biggest family I have ever had and the  most 
wonderfull family. We have always come together in hard times either to  give an ear 
to someone in depression or to offer advice for fellow newbies and  oldies! I 
will continue this thread over in the forums of CoCo3.com instead of  the list 
here. I want to see a flood of material even if it is just to introduce  
yourself to the fellow family here. I want to have a family tree section of the  
newsletter as well as all the technical stuff. All you comback kids out there  
that I have talked into getting back involved with the coco and all you others  
that have supported and taught me what little i know i want everone involved 
in  this issue!  So beware of your messnger list cause here i come! If you 
have  a project ( hardware or software) that you are working on I want a full 
write up  or at least to interview you about it. if you are selling stuff (caugh 
caugh  caugh roy , roger, etc) I want an advertisement or order form to put in 
the next  newsletter.
yeap i know i have a big christmas list but lets do this thing!

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