[Coco] 720k 3.5" floppies

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Mon Nov 5 11:13:59 EST 2007

Frank Swygert wrote:
> I know 720K 3.5" floppy (360K and 720K 5.25" also) are getting hard to
> find, but they are still available at reasonable prices. California
> Digital is one dealer I know that has them
> (http://www.cadigital.com/flopdriv.htm -- scroll down near the bottom
> of the page). 3.5"/720K are $29 (Sony 11W drives), Mitsubishi 501B
> 360K drives are $39, and TEC 501 180K drives are only $9. Only DECB
> users might want the single sided drives though, not much point in
> using them for OS-9. $40 for a 5.25" 360K drive might sound like a
> lot, but they aren't made any more! Finding good used ones is tough
> now too, not even the thrift stores usually have something that old,
> all computers I've seen there lately have at least 1.2M and 1.44M
> drives, and are usually Pentium class or better. Most of the 486 and
> lower machines are in the land fill or kept as collectibles.
> Interestingly I still see a good many 486 laptops around though.
Maybe I need to dig into my floppy drive stash and do some testing.  I
don't have many real 720K drives (1.44M drives work fine in their place
if you use 720K media -- which is also getting hard to find) but I have
quite a few 360K and 1.2M 5.25" drives, most of which should still be in
good working order.

Could one use a 1.2M drive (with HD media) as a 720K drive on a CoCo?


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