[Coco] Glenside IDE Hard Drive Interface --- HOW-TO

Randy Just randyjust at comcast.net
Sun Nov 4 14:34:25 EST 2007

I have worked with computer hardware for a number of years and to be 
blunt, trying to get a hard drive
set-up for my CoCo is an exercise in major frustration.  What seems 
like a straight forward process has
been way too many hours of lost time.

A member in the group was kind enough to send me some media with 
NitrOS9 loaded on it along
with a makedesc.b09 file.  Unfortunately, makedesc.b09 errors out 
before I can even run it.

I am working with the assumption I load BASIC09 (i.e. /d0/BASIC09) up 
first and then do a
load /d1/IDE2.1/makedesc.b09

Doing the above results in errors.

I do have ezgen on a floppy, but the help screen does little for me 
on how to actually load a driver.

I have typed many, many searches into Google for a HOW-TO on the use 
of ezgen and/or a documentation
file, but don't seem to find what I am looking for.

Per the Glenside IDE documentation:

"Make a new boot disk via normal means.  We have provided Burke & 
Burke's "ezgen" as shareware.  If
you do not currently own ezgen, please do the honorable thing and 
make the shareware payment to Burke
& Burke.  Are we sounding annoying yet? :-)
   All you need to do to make a new boot disk is to add the hard disk 
driver and hard disk descriptor to your
boot file."

I have very limited experience with OS9 and the extent of my 
knowledge is knowing how to format a disk
and making backups.  Saying things such as  adding a hard disk driver 
along with a descriptor is like talking
Martian to me.  Give me an example and I have at least a fighting 
chance of figuring it out.

Using idedetect.b09, the drive is detected, so I am assuming I am good there.

If someone can advise how to use ezgen to get me from point A to 
point B, that would be great or what other
technique I can use.


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