[Coco] Lansford Mansion (and other graphic adventures)

Derek dml_68 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 11:27:47 EDT 2007

Or better yet can someone please host them for download so we can all add these to our archives? 


Roger Taylor <operator at coco3.com> wrote: At 12:08 AM 11/3/2007, you wrote:
>Thanks so much for your welcome, and for your help: I was able to 
>open the binaries for Black Sanctum and Sea Search in a hex editor, 
>append $00 to the end, and now they load!  I knew that the IE error 
>meant that there was some sort of end-of-file problem, but I didn't 
>know exactly what to look for or how to fix it, so I'm very grateful 
>for your help.
>I'm hopeful that the binaries will be otherwise uncorrupted -- of 
>the four Mark Data games I've played, only Shenanigans had problems 
>(crashing at the very end of the game, i.e. "Sean").  As for saving 
>to disk rather than tape, we're able to use emulator savestates, so 
>I think we're OK.  However, if I ever get these games up and running 
>on real hardware, I'd love to avail myself of your patch.
>For what it's worth, these are the adventure games we've played so 
>far, completing all of them but Lansford Mansion:
>Blackbeard's Island
>Caladuril Flame of Light (an amazing technical feat, IMHO)
>Calixto Island (probably my favorite of the Mark Data games so far)
>Lansford Mansion (sigh)
>Martian Crypt
>Vortex Factor

Can someone e-mail me a .dsk image or the individual .bin files for 
the above games so I can make sure I have all of them?

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