[Coco] OS9 Level 1 ver 2

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Thu Nov 1 22:17:58 EDT 2007

Chester A Patterson wrote:

> OS9 Level 1 Ver 2
> I was loosing sleep. I could not make a bootable disk using OS9Gen or
> Cobbler. I could only DECB backup the factory 35TSS disk.
> So...
> 1st made the equivalent of level 2 REL. The lev.1 version isn't a 87CD
> type module while lev.2 is.
> 2nd was making a handfull of bytes I found between modules OS9 and OS9p2
> This was quite a surprise.
> These are bytes are 01 D2 01 77 01 7D 01 83 01 84 01 88 01 83
> Merge a new boottrack.
> OS9Gen -t and all that.
> And BINGO! Boots every time.
> What those bytes do or why they are there is at the moment beyond me.

Those are vectors, which can be seen by looking at the Level1 source 
code for NitrOS-9 on SourceForge.

          fdb   Clock
Vectors  fdb   SWI3                    SWI3
          fdb   SWI2                    SWI2
          fdb   DUMMY                   FIRQ
          fdb   SVCIRQ                  IRQ
          fdb   SWI                     SWI
          fdb   DUMMY                   NMI

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