[Coco] Updated "Tandy's Little Wonder" now available for download!

Frank Swygert farna at att.net
Sun Nov 11 17:14:11 EST 2007

I sent Dennis the latest update I made of "Tandy's Little Wonder" for 
posting on the list site.  The URL is 

I updated the book in 2006 with the intent of printing and selling a few 
more, but didn't get much response. Rather than let the project go to 
"waste" I decided to post it for download. I won't be doing another update.

The book contains history, repair and maintenance info, schematics, and 
just about anything I could find on the CoCo 1/2/3 back in 1993 when the 
first edition went out. Anything required to operate and maintain a CoCo 
is in there -- from a quick users guide to how to make cables and even 
repack it in a PC case. There are over 120 pages of info.

I retain copyright, so no one can sell it without permission from me, 
but feel free to download and print a copy out for your personal use. 
Anyone can also copy the file or print one out for a friend, but not 
post the file anywhere. You may link to the list site though, provided 
Dennis has no objections to that.

Frank Swygert
Publisher, "American Motors Cars" 
Magazine (AMC)
For all AMC enthusiasts
(free download available!)

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