[Coco] ncurses Library for C

Manny cocolist at invigorated.org
Wed Nov 7 11:05:24 EST 2007

Having my interest spurred by the discussion of a public domain text 
editor, I was wondering if an updated ncurses (or curses) package could 
be created for things like unbuffered input, moving the cursor to a 
particular position, and the like. Since I'm unfamiliar with what would 
go in to a project like that under OS-9 (NitrOS-9), I was wondering if 
there would be anyone else interested in working on it? Or if someone 
would be willing to tutor me along the way to completing such a project? 
I guess I would also need a refresher in Microware C as well.

I would release it under the GNU GPL so that it would be available to 
everyone with source.

Ideas? Comments?

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