[Coco] CC-Five (was Re: Pseudo CoCo4???) (LONG)

Dan Olson dano at agora.rdrop.com
Sat Jan 27 21:40:16 EST 2007

> There's no reason why we can't design "for the future" to some degree.
> Capacities are always going to increase, and prices are always going to
> decrease - that's the beauty of our chosen profession/hobby!

While I'm probably not all that interested in buying a "new" CoCo, I have 
to admit that designing for the future really isn't a bad idea.  While I 
can't speak for the CoCo specificly, I've seen other systems where an 
upgrade (memory expansion, high res or 80 col video) was made in small 
numbers years ago but the software support is lacking.  Now that these 
devices are included in the emulator, more programmers are taking 
advantage of them.  That can be extended to new hardware, I suppose.  If 
everyone could agree on a spec, that could be added to emulators, when the 
hardware finally gets built, there's already software support for it.

While I'm on the subject, call me crazy, but if I were building new 
hardware, even with FPGAs, I'd want a bus, with a video card, I/O card, 
mass storage card, etc.  I know it would cost more, but I just like 
having the option of adding/upgrading hardware this way.  Plus you could 
use many small FPGAs instead of one large one :)


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