[Coco] Coco Digest, Vol 43, Issue 10

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 01:19:04 EST 2007

I think I went through the same pains with the emulators.
I remember having the video problem on mine too, with Keil's and Jeff's I think.
Your easiest solution is MESS.

farna at att.net wrote:

>Has anyone got one of the emulators to run on a laptop? I'm working
with an old HP 5500CT P133 laptop with around 128MB of RAM. Couldn't
get DOS to work with the PCMCIA card CD-ROM drive, finally stopped
fighting with that after an hour of getting nowhere!
>I got David Keil's emulator to run, but the video was all messed up.
Tried different screen refresh rates, and sync on and off, but didn't
clear it up. All the setup screens worked flawlessly, just the CC3
screen was bad. I didn't try to change CC3 screen modes... darn,
that's probably all I need to do!! I didn't get it to recognize the
disk drive either. The docs are not very helpful. I did get the floppy
controller in slot one, and the HD controller in slot 2 of the MPI.
>Vavasour's emulator wouldn't display at all. It just gave me a blank
screen. None of the setup screens or anything would come up on the
laptop. I might plug in a standard monitor and see if the emulators
will display correctly. At least that will let me know it's a hardware
problem with the laptop display and the emulator is running.
>Any advice appreciated! Nothing is on the laptop except DOS 6.22. I
performed a clean install including formatting the little 1.2GB drive
this morning.
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