[Coco] [Color Computer] Nitros9 Boot file

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Wed Nov 22 08:14:06 EST 2006


If you are using the scripts from the current NitrOS-9 distribution,  
they work.

First try to build and unmodified boot as distributed. If that doesn't  
work then you have hardware problem(s).

The current version of NitrOS-9 builds a DSDD distribution by default,  
so a FD-501 won't cut it.

All the drive systems that I sell at Cloud-9 leave as DSDD drives. You  
can switch the modules and get back to the SSDD but this leaves little  
to no space left on a system boot disk.

If you can build, then copy the bootlist, modify the script to point  
to your new bootlist and edit your bootlist as David has indicated.

Alot of people like to mod their boots on the fly and then it becomes  
a major task when you update the OS because they forget what they did  
or added or where it was at. The scripts and bootlists are the way to  
go. More work upfront but the benefits are huge down the road......


Quoting Jim Hickle <jlhickle at yahoo.com>:

> Good idea. Though my problem is that usually the new boot from   
> os9gen doesn't work.
> david_g21120 <david_g21120 at yahoo.com> wrote: I don't know of a   
> maximum boot file size, but what I have found is an
> easy way to create boot lists.
> What I do is to use dynastar to edit a copy of the boot list so it
> includes all of the modules I have (from OS-9 level1 ver 2.00.00 to
> the current version of NitrOS9) and just comment out the inactive
> ones. Then use os9gen to create a boot file on floppy to test with.
> Once I have a stable bootfile, I un-comment additional modules untill
> I get the result I'm looking for.
> --- In ColorComputer at yahoogroups.com, Gene Heskett
> wrote:
>> On Monday 20 November 2006 23:02, jlhickle wrote:
>> >Is there a maximum allowed size for a level 2 OS9Boot file?
>> >
>> >Better yet, can anyone direct me to docs pertaining to the Nitros9
>> >boot process?  I'm spend hours moving stuff around to get a working
>> >bootlist,  and have to repeat the process everytime I need to add a
>> >module.
>> >
>> >I now consider it a victory if the screen shows "NitrOS9 Boot
> Failed"
>> >-- at least it's not a screen full of sparklies.
>> >
>> I've not found it Jim and some of my bootfiles have been nearly 40k.
>> What I've found is more of a limit is the 'system' ram, lots of
> drivers
>> that ask for buffers soon depleted it, IIRC the error was 207.
>> >Thanks,
>> >jim hickle
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